Sunday, May 1, 2011

200th Blog Post!

I can't believe that we are at 200 posts already! Now granted not all of those are reviews (contests and such) but still there are about 170 book reviews on our site now. That's kind of awesome to me. But I think we can do better.

Now I just got back from China and really, life in America is pretty easy. So I am in need of a project. And guess what! You get to benefit from it. (Aren't you so excited? The suspense of it all is just killing you isn't it?)

Okay, I'll break the suspense. Today is May 1st and May has 31 days, right? (Of course right?) So during this month we will be posting........wait for it........99 REVIEWS!!!! **pauses for cheering to die down**

Yes I know it might be a little ambitious seeings as how Karen is pregnant, but we are determined and optimistic.

PLUS there's more! Once we finish our 99 posts in 31 days we will be at our 300th blog post. Know what that means? Another awesome month of book reviews, giveaways and such! We have a plan and seriously you DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT!

I'll give you a hint.....Start writing those reviews to send to us, but don't send them yet. The more you send the more chance you will have to win a super awesome really cool prize. (Okay, I think it is super awesome really cool. So if you know me and my taste you will too. If not, trust me. It's cool!)

So, enjoy this month of lots of reviews. Most days there SHOULD be 3-4 reviews. Hopefully, we stay on top of it and don't have to load up on reviews at the end. We are excited about this month.

Let the reviews begin!

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