Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fallen Angel by Lisa Swinton


Title: Fallen Angel
Author: Lisa Swinton
Reviewer: Karen
Genre: Adult Romance
Rating: Love
Alerts/Warnings: None
Premise: "Antonio does not believe in love at first sight until he sees her fall into a street in Milan and get hit by a motorcycle. Compelled to know if she can return his affection, he becomes Renatta's hospital volunteer only to learn that the accident erased her memory. Together they must discover her past, present and future. In the way of happily ever after stand her opera career, tyrannical mother, and fiancĂ©. Antonio must win Renatta's heart before she bends to the will of her mother and marries Marcello. Failure means a lifetime of loneliness, for love at first sight never happens twice" (  
Opinions: I haven't read a lot of romance lately as I'm trying to read in the genre that I'm writing in. But when this author sent me an copy to read I went for it and stepped out of my comfort zone. Fallen Angel has the feel of the movie While You Were Sleeping, but with intriguing twists. I was glad to see the majority of the story is told from Antonio's point of view. I enjoyed getting a greater glimpse of romance from a man's side of things, plus it was absolutely wonderful getting the Italian setting. What I loved most was the interactions between Antonio and Renatta as they learned who she was as a person; they felt flirty, fun and realistic. I was also fascinated by the family intrigue intertwined throughout the story.  Overall, I loved reading this story. If romance is your thing, then give this book a try.