Monday, May 30, 2011

Scumble by Ingrid Law

Title: Scumble
Author: Ingrid Law
Reviewer: Stephanie
Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating: Adore
Alerts/Warnings: Some theivery
Premise: Nine years after Mibs's Savvy journey, her cousin Ledge has just turned thirteen . . .
But Ledger Kale's savvy is a total dud--all he does is make little things fall apart. So his parents decide it's safe to head to Wyoming, where it's soon revealed that Ledge's savvy is much more powerful than anyone thought. Worse, his savvy disaster has an outside witness: Sarah Jane Cabot, reporter wannabe and daughter of the local banker. Just like that, Ledge's beloved normal life is over. Now he has to keep Sarah from turning family secrets into headlines, stop her father from foreclosing on Uncle Autry's ranch, and scumble his savvy into control so that, someday, he can go home.

Starring a cast both fresh and familiar, Scumble brilliantly melds Ingrid Law's signature heart and humor with the legendary Wild West. (

Opinions: Savvy is one of my favorite books. So admittedly I was very excited about Scumble. And I very much enjoyed it. However, it took me longer to get into it. Now granted, Savvy starts with a hurricane. It's hard to top that.

Scumble takes place 9 years after Savvy. Mibs and Fish are briefly in it. But the book follows Ledge, their cousin who gets his savvy on his birthday just like all of his family. His savvy, however, is making things fall apart.

So his parents decide that it is safe to go across the country to Uncle Autry's ranch for a wedding. And then things start to fall apart, literally.

I really enjoy this idea that we all have an inate talent for something. Whether it's supernatural or not. Once we discover it we have to learn how to control it. I think that is what is so appealing to me. We find what we are good at and develop it so that we have control and use our talent to the best of our ability.

I for one hope that Ingrid Law writes another of these books. I really enjoy them.

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