Monday, May 30, 2011

Savvy by Ingrid Law

Title: Savvy
Author: Ingrid Law
Reviewer: Karen
Genre: YA Fiction/Fantasy
Rating: Fabulous
Alerts/Warnings: None
Premise: "Recounts the adventures of Mibs Beaumont, whose thirteenth birthday has revealed her "savvy"--a magical power unique to each member of her family--just as her father is injured in a terrible accident." (King County Library System)
Opinions: I love the Beaumont family and how each one earns their own "savvy" or ability at the age of 13. Mississipi (aka Mibs) is looking forward to learning what her own ability will be. I mean come on...her grandpa can move mountains, one brother can control electricity, and another can make a water storm. If I were Mibs I would be eager and nervous wondering what my ability would be as well. I love how this story shows the relationships between siblings - hostile at times, and incredibly supportive at others. I love that when there Dad is hurt the siblings will work together, with some unlikely friends, to do anything to get to their father. This is a fabulous book that is inventive, well written, and is about who you are, who you can become, and about family. And I'm so excited cause I just found out that there is a sequel. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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