Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pillage by Obert Skye

Title: Pillage
Author: Obert Skye
Reviewer: Stephanie
Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating: Love
Alerts/Warnings: None
Premise: Upon his mother's death, fifteen-year-old Beck Phillips is sent to live with an eccentric uncle he had never met in a remote manor house, where he learns that his family suffers from a curse that allows him to make plants grow on command and dragon eggs hatch. (King County Library System)
Opinions: I love dragons. I have always found them fascinating creatures. One of the appeals to me of dragons is that everyone has their own idea of dragons. Whether they are good or bad, tameable or not, friendly or rip your heart out mean. This is a story with dragons that was very unexpected to me. I liked the idea of how the men in Beck's family are cursed and that dragons are part of the curse. I really like Beck as a character in that he doesn't take any junk from anyone. He sticks up for himself and I like that about him. This is an engaging story and very fun read. Plus there were some really funny parts. Two words: attacking salad. Need I say more?

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Emily Marie said...

I remember that I read this and liked it but now I can't really remember the story. I need to read it again!