Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Janette Rallison

Reviewer: Stephanie
Genre: Teen Chick Lit

Okay, so last post was a little departure. This one is a HUGE ONE!!

I recently had a baby and I like to read nice happy books right after I have a baby. I think that is has something to do with the hormones, but whatever. So I went to my library and started looking for some fluffy, happy books to read. That was when I discovered Janette Rallison. I adore her! Her books are light and fun and SO FUNNY!!!

I am going to be getting "Just One Wish" in at the library this week, and will probably post a reveiw of it once I get it. I also and hoping my library will buy "My Fair Godmother" but we'll see.

So I am a lazy bum and don't want to do individual posts for all of the books of hers that I've read, so here is a list with their premises. They are all clean and all wonderful. I'm listing them in the order that I liked them the most. Starting with the most awesome.

It's a Mall World After All- While working at the mall, organizing a school fundraiser, and trying to prove that her best friend's boyfriend is seeing another girl, high-school student Charlotte's best intentions always seem to backfire

All's Fair in Love, War and High School-When head cheerleader Samantha Taylor does poorly on the SAT exam, she determines that her only hope for college admission is to win the election for student body president, but her razor wit and acid tongue make her better suited to dishing out insults than winning votes.

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Free Throws-High school freshmen Josie and Cami try to remain best friends as they compete for basketball awards and boys.

How to Take the Ex- out of Ex-Boyfriend-Giovanna rashly breaks up with her boyfriend Jesse when he refuses to help her twin brother with his campaign for Student Council president, but fixing her mistake may be more difficult for her than she realizes.

Revenge of the Cheerleaders-High school cheerleader Chelsea seeks revenge against her younger sister's rock-and-roller boyfriend after he embarrasses her once too often, but when she falls for his older brother, things become really complicated.

Fame, Glory and Other Things on My To Do List-High school junior Jessica uses the arrival of a new boy to further her schemes of winning her ex-boyfriend back and becoming the next big Hollywood movie star.

Playing the Field-Thirteen-year-old McKay tries to keep up his algebra grade to stay on the baseball team, while dealing with his attraction to a girl named Serena

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Janelle said...

I just discovered Janette Rallison as well, and l o v e her! So fun and happy! I just finished Just one wish last night--way cute.