Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Clockwork Three by Matthew J. Kirby

Title: The Clockwork Three
Author: Matthew J. Kirby
Reviewer: Karen
Genre: Junior Steampunk Fiction
Rating:  Fabulous!!!
Alerts/Warnings: Some Violence
Premise: "As mysterious circumstances bring Giuseppe, Frederick, and Hannah together, their lives soon interlock like the turning gears in a clock and they realize that each one holds a key to solving the others' mysteries" (King County Library System).
Opinions: The Clockwork Three is a stand alone novel that is incredibly well written to the point that the story and the people came alive to my imagination and I found myself easy immerse inside of it.  Matthew J. Kirby does a wonderful job of interweaving three individual stories so that you can see how each person's actions can affect someone else.  Giuseppe, Frederick, and Hannah are amazing characters. I love Giuseppe's beautiful talent with music.  I admire the courage of Hannah when she does all she can to take care of her family.  And I am impressed by Fredrick's ingenuity and his heart.  The three youth may not always make the best decisions, but they learn to trust and build friendships with each other and grow through extensive difficulties. I highly recommend this book for all ages to read.

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