Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Council of Mirrors by Michael Buckley

To read my review of the first book in this series click here: The Sisters Grimm: Fairy-Tale Detectives.

Title: The Council of Mirrors (Sister Grimm #9)
Author: Michael Buckley
Reviewer: Karen
Genre: Mid-Grade Fantasy
Rating: Fabulous
Alerts/Warnings: Death related to fantastical battles
Premise: "Hoping to save their family and the citizens of Ferryport Landing from the evil plans of Mirror, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm seek counsel from the other magic mirrors, who advise them to join forces with the Scarlet Hand." (King County Library System)
Opinions: This series is brilliant on so many levels and this book provides an awesome conclusion.  Mr. Canis remains one of my favorite characters throughout the series, as well as Puck, The Trickster King.  But overall I still LOVE the sisters, Sabrina and Daphne and the sacrifices and growth they make in this final story. In fact, this book left me bawling, in a happy-resolved sort of way when we finished it last night.

Michael Buckley does a fantastic job of weaving in all sorts of fairytale characters in such a brilliant manner that they come alive for a whole new generation of readers.  I'm really hoping that this series will trigger kids of all ages to reevaluate classic fairy tales for themselves. In fact, this series made the Fabulous Reads list of Top 100 favorite books (to see what other books were on the list click here) a few years ago and it still belongs there,  So, if you haven't read this series, then stop waiting and go to your library right now and check it out.  Parents: This is one of those series that can entice even the most reluctant young reader out there and pique their interest.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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