Monday, September 7, 2009

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Please enter our drawing for a Signed copy of Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. Go here for all the ways to enter. Below is a review of Princess Academy.

Title: Princess Academy
Author: Shannon Hale
Reviewer: Stephanie
Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating: Worship
Alerts/Warnings: None
Premise:While attending a strict academy for potential princesses with the other girls from her mountain village, fourteen-year-old Miri discovers unexpected talents and connections to her homeland. (King County Library System)
Opinions: I bought this book the day it came out, and finished it the next day. While I was reading it on the bus home from work, I missed my stop. I was that engrossed in it. This is the story of Miri and the girls of Mount Eskel and them being turned into possible princesses. I love love love this book. The characters are so true and relateable, that it makes me sad that they are fictional. This is a beautiful story of growing up and accepting yourself.

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