Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fablehaven Giveaway

Hello one and all -

Today is a VERY important day. Today is the release of Keys to the Demon Prison (Book 5 of the Fablehaven Series) by Brandon Mull. I'm eager and excited to be attending his release party in Salt Lake tonight and am desperately looking forward to seeing how Brandon ends the Fablehaven series. In honor and celebration of this momentous occasion we are hosting a giveaway.

Starting today and running until midnight on Saturday, April 3rd you may enter to win an autographed copy of the first book in the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. During that time Stephanie and I will post reviews of Brandon Mull's works which we highly encourage you to read for yourselves. The winner will be announced on Sunday, April 4th.

Ways to Enter:

1. Leave a comment on this or any other post until the 3rd telling us the following: If you can spend an hour with any author, living or dead, then who would you choose? (1 entry)

2. Follow our blog (3 entries)

3. Post a link to our blog on your blog. Please leave a link to your blog (5 entries)

4. Blog about our blog or giveaway on your blog. Again please leave a link (10 entries)

5. Write a review for us. (5 entries per review) There is no limit to the number of reviews you write for us. Please use our format. (Below) Email us your reviews at
fabulousreads@yahoo.com Also if you would like us to link to your blog, please give us your blog address.


If you are under the age or 18 you must have a parent or legal guardian give consent if you win.

We have also in the past have had people have problems with our comment section. If you have a problem, you can email us your entry at

Reviews for Brandon's books will be up in the next day or two. Keep on checking our website to learn more about these Fabulous Reads. Good Luck all!!


Mary A said...

I would love to spend an hour with Terry Pratchett. His sense of humor is right in line with mine. Thanks for the giveaway.

Mary A said...

I follow your blog via Google Reader. Thanks for the giveaway.

Janelle said...

I would love to spend and hour with Shannon Hale or Janette Rallison. I think we would get on famously. Also: I follow your blog, have a link to you on my links page, and blogged about this giveaway. (You can find my blog linked to my profile.)

Susan said...

I would love to spend a hour with Shannon Hale. She seems like such a hoot and so much fun. PS. i am now follower of your blog!

Emily Marie said...

Scott Westerfield. I love his books and his social commentary. I think we would have a very interesting comversation in an hour. I also follow your blog and blogged about your give-away.