Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the Season to Give

So we are doing our last Fabulous Giveaway this year. Not only are we giving away a FabulousRead, we are giving you a choice between TWO FabulousReads! (I know!)

The contest starts now and goes until Midnight PST December 14th. Then I will assign each entry a number and using a random number generator will select the winner.

Here's the caveat. If more than 25 different people (not entries but people) enter our contest we will give away both books!

So I bet you are wondering what the books are.

No. 1 Ladies Dectective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith



A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban

Ways to Enter:

1. Leave a comment on this or any other post until the 14th telling us the instument you wish you could play or your favorite instrument. (1 entry)
2. Follow our blog (3 entries)
3. Post a link to our blog on your blog. Please leave a link to your blog (5 entries)
4. Blog about our blog or giveaway on your blog. Again please leave a link (10 entries)
5. Write a review for us. (5 entries per review) There is no limit to the number of reviews you write for us. Please use our format. (Below) Email us your reviews at fabulousreads@yahoo.com Also if you would like us to link to your blog, please give us your blog address.

If you are under the age or 18 you must have a parent or legal guardian give consent if you win.
We have also in the past have had people have problems with our comment section. If you have a problem, you can email us your entry at fabulousreads@yahoo.com

Reviews for these books will be up in the next day or two. If we get more than 25 people entered the first person will get to choose their desired book and the second winner will get the other book. But both of these are such FabulousReads we hope this is amenable to all. Good Luck all!!


Unknown said...

I wish I could play the glockenspiel. Because I think it has an awesome name.

Kristen J said...

I wish I could play the steel drums because they sound so cool and they cheer me up everytime I hear them!

Aubrey Maynard said...

I play the violin. I wish I could play the piano.

Kerrie said...

I wish I could play the guitar!

Kerrie said...

I am a new follower!

Katie said...

I wish I could still play the French Horn. I used to be able to in HS.

Kimberly said...

After briefly trying to play the violin, I have decided that it is much to beautiful for me to ruin it by playing! Perhaps just the piano?

Wendi P said...

I would love to play the saxophone and the piano. Thanks for the chance!

Emily Marie said...

I love playing the piano, but I've always wanted to play the flute. And I follow you!

Janelle said...

I play the flute but wish I was better.

Janelle said...

I am a follower

Mari said...

I would love to play the violin. I love the way it sounds when it is played.