Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Giveaway Ends

Our Fabulous Giveaway has ended! Thanks to all who entered. I know you just want to know who won. So, the winner is........

who said "I love playing the piano, but I've always wanted to play the flute."

Congratulations Emily!!

We only have one winner this time, so the other book will be given away at a later time. Check back to find out which one you still have a chance to win. Cause I'm not telling you yet! :) We also have a couple more signed books for giveaways next year, and let me tell you. They are AWESOME!!!

Have a Fabulous Holiday Season and we wish you FabulousReading!

Stephanie and Karen

1 comment:

Emily Marie said...

Yay!! Thanks guys! So, do I get to pick? Cuz if so, I pick A Crooked Kind of Perfect. :) Thanks so much, this is exciting!