Monday, June 8, 2009

Vanished by Lynn Gardner

Title: Vanished: A Maggie McKenzie Mystery
Author: Lynn Gardner
Reviewer: Karen
Genre: Adult Suspense/Mystery (LDS)
Rating: Fabulous
Alerts/Warnings: None
Premise: While researching an intriguing story of a girl who vanished years ago, journalist Maggie McKenzie joins forces with psychologist Dr. Flynn ford who is interested in helping her solve the mystery. But as their invesigation moves forward, witnesses begin turning up dead and it appears that Maggie and Flynn could be next. (PG Library System)
Opinions: Maggie walks into the San Buenaventura, California newspaper eager to start the job she had won through a competition only to cause the office manager, Lily, to do a double take. Maggie soon learns that she bares a remarkable resemblance to the Newspaper Editor's own daughter, Alyssa, who disappeared seven years early. In order to prevent Maggie from giving the editor a heart attack, Lily sends Maggie on her dream job - researching and promoting the anniversary of the Lewis & Clark expedition and encouraging Americans to learn more about their historic excursion. However, Maggie has an alterior motive for accepting this offer. She is bound and determined to find out what happened to the editor's daughter, Alyssa, and to learn why there is such a striking resemblance between the two.

I am a mystery nut and I absolutely love Lynn Gardner's books. Vanished is the first book in Gardner's second mystery series and, as much as I loved her first series and was saddened to see it end, I am ecstatic to begin reading this new series. Maggie is a fantastic, vivacious, and fiesty heroine who is intellegent and determined to delve into the truth, especially when she starts seeing images of Alyssa's kidnapper when she dreams and when she is awake. Yes this is classified as an LDS Mystery, but Maggie's religion is not the main focus of the story. The main focus is the mystery and the love of suspense. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

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