Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson


Title: Brandon Sanderson
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Reviewer: Karen (+ Karen's Husband)
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Rating: Fabulous
Alerts/Warnings: Med Swearing + Fake Swearing and Med/High Violence
Premise: "At age eight, David watched as his father was killed by an Epic, a human with superhuman powers, and now, ten years later, he joins the Reckoners--the only people who are trying to kill the Epics and end their tyranny" (King County Library System).
Opinions: My husband and I have been reading this book out loud over the last week or so.  Oh my gosh, both of us LOVED it.  Imagine a world where those who would be super heroes are bad not good, throw in a main character out for revenge but containing an impressively goofy ability to be really bad at metaphors and you have the start of an incredibly imaginative world. This book was funny, tense, emotional, and brilliant. David was a fascinating character to get to know, to see how a life as an orphan seeking after any information he can obtain on Epics (those with super powers) would lead him to the one group that could help him. The characters were diverse and fascinating.  The world building is by far Brandon Sanderson's best.   I love how in depth and varied the Epics abilities were and how imaginative their weaknesses could be.  Overall this is a first rate book, but be warned that it is a start of series and also, because of the plot's nature, is on the more violent end (especially in the prologue). In spite of that both my husband and I REALLY enjoyed this read.

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