Sunday, April 10, 2011

Don't Put Lipstick on the Cat by Debbie Farmer

Title: Don't Put Lipstick on the Cat!
Author: Debbie Farmer
Reviewer: Karen
Genre: Adult Non-Fiction
Rating: Fabulous
Alerts/Warnings: None
Premise: "Every parent has had one of those days— like when you invented the neatest idea for your son's sharing time only to realize the next morning that it was the silliest thing you'd ever done... or when you returned the library book to the video store and the video to the library. Parents have days like these all the time, and when viewed in just the right light, with a smile on your face, they become some of the funniest days of your life! Syndicated writer Debbie Farmer has a good bead on the lives parents lead. With two energetic children of her own, she has plenty of stories to tell, and she always serves up the very best medicine—laughter!" (Amazon Product Description)
Opinions: I have been slowly reading this book over the last three months. I bought it on sale several years ago while walking down the parenting section of my local bookstore. This book is full of short life-lessons that Ms. Farmer has learned over the years while dealing with children, life and family. I could not stop laughing. Ms. Farmer's sense of humor is fantastic and I could relate to several of her stories (including what it is really like while real women shop for swimsuits, toddlers using our cooking utensils for activities like playing in the sandbox, and much more). This book is perfect when you only have a few minutes and would like to read something hilarious and uplifting and that helps you feel better about your own life. This book is brilliant. For all the adults out there I highly recommend this book.

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