Wednesday, October 28, 2009

War of the Black Curtain by James Dashner

Title: War of the Black Curtain
Author: James Dashner
Reviewer: Karen Pellett
Genre: Mid-Grade Fantasy
Rating: Love
Alerts/Warnings: None (though I cried)
Premise: When the Black Curtain rips open, evil Stompers and Shadow Ka swarm across the land and the Black Coma plunges the world into a grim nightmare. If Jimmy Fincher can solve the riddle of the Red Disk, find the Dream Warden, and receive the Fourth Gift, perhaps he can save the world from its horrible fate--but he will be forced to face the truth behind his enemy's true nature. (Pleasant Grove Library System)
Opinions: The fourth and final book in the Jimmy Fincher series did not disappoint. With each book the plot and the writing grew better and better. While the inhabitants of earth fall one by one into the Black Coma, Jimmy must continue his search for the Fourth Gift. With time running out Jimmy faces a truth that, even I didn't see coming. I must warn you that when I read the ending I cried. I still love the strength of family that James displays throughout the entire tail and how love and sacrifice make a world of difference.

I loved this entire series and am also really glad to have gotten to know James since then as he has motivated me in my own efforts to get published. I'm impressed with his writing and love everything that he has written. Please read the Jimmy Fincher Saga as well as James' other series' The 13th Reality and the new series The Maze Runner.

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