Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Call for Suggestions

We would LOVE to expand our reading horizons here at FabulousReads and we need your help. If you know of a book that you think is absolutely, remarkably, fabulous then please let us know. If our libraries have it then we would be honored to read it and, if we like it, then recommend it to everyone who follows this site. So start perusing those bookshelves of yours and let us know what you think we ought to read next.

Karen & Stephanie


Chiquita said...

'The Taker' is pretty fantastic. It's one of those teenage girl chick-flicky books, but it's not too gushy or without true values and meaning. Sarah Dessen's books are also in the genre but are good too. E.D. Baker's books and Shannon Hale's Books of Bayern and Princess Academy are all amazing. =) And The Outsiders, best book ever.

Fabulous Reads said...

Thanks Chiquita. I'll definitely look those up.


Fabulous Reads said...

Actually in Sept 2009 we had a Shannon Hale month where we posted reviews of all her books that were released at the time. My personal favorite is Book of A Thousand Days. If you would like to see our reviews for her books the follow this url:

I personally am looking forward to her release of the sequel to Princess Academy.

Sandy Poblete Photography said...

I just finished reading Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi and really enjoyed it. (It's young adult). The author makes you aware of 2 intimate relationships, but the book is written tastefully and didn't go into details.