Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Forgotten Locket by Lisa Mangum

For my reviews of the first two books in this trilogy please click here: The Hourglass Door and The Golden Spiral.

Title: The Forgotten Locket (Book 3 of The Hourglass Door Trilogy)
Author: Lisa Mangum
Reviewer: Karen
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Rating: FABULOUS!!!!
Alerts/Warnings: Some violence
Premise: "Abby travels back in time to attempt to save Dante and defeat the wicked designs of Zo." (PG Library System)
Opinions: Finally!!! The last book in the series has been published and my hero of a husband bought it for me for my birthday (then he even hunted down the author and had it autographed for me). I read the first two books in this trilogy last year only to learn that I had a year to wait until the last installment arrived. Well, time has passed and I earned the prize for patience and it was worth it.

Lisa Mangum did a superb job weaving the conclusion of this trilogy. Her words flowed like poetry across the page. My heart was constantly torn, wondering what was going to happen next and how Abby, Dante and their friends would overcome the evil plot of Zo. I could not predict how the story would twist, yet the flow of imagery and plot wove a beautiful tale of inner strength and courage. I love Abby more than ever. I love her tenacity, her passion and her ability to stand for what is right even as her world tears itself a part around her. In this last novel I came to respect even greater Orlando (aka Leo). He is a brilliant character with courage beyond boundary. I so wish I could give you details, but being a story dealing with time-travel I worry that anything I reveal now may ruin it for those who have yet to read the earlier two books. Please, please, please read this book.

By the by, my sweet husband even had the author autograph a copy of the first book in this series for a future giveaway on Fabulous Reads. So stay tuned, and do all you can to try and win it. It is a worthy prize for any and all of you.

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